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CoBuy-certified™ Pros

A typical home purchase involves 11 professionals charged with providing guidance and execution to buyers and sellers. Most are generalists who haven't worked together. For co-buyers facing a complex transaction, this presents a dilemma. 

CoBuy solves this problem through:

  1. Specialization
  2. Collaboration
  3. Alignment

Our ecosystem brings together vetted specialists with expertise across every aspect of co-buying and co-ownership:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Lenders
  • Title & Escrow
  • Attorneys
  • CPA
  • Insurance

Selection Criteria

All CoBuy-certified™ Pros are hand-selected. We look at criteria that determine our ability to provide superior guidance, support, and execution to CoBuyers:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Domain expertise
  • Experience
  • Local market knowledge
  • Operational bandwidth
  • Value alignment

Two-way interviews help ensure there's a fit. Finally, all CoBuy-certified™ Pros complete training in joint home purchases and co-ownership.


The CoBuy-certified™ ecosystem works together to make co-buying simpler, safer, and more affordable. 

We apply the same methodology to building our partnerships as we do to supporting CoBuyers. With strategic planning, alignment, and a clear framework for partnership, everybody wins.

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