Can we use our own real estate agent?

We require CoBuyers to use a CoBuy-certified™ Real Estate Agent.


1. It makes sense.

Co-buying is complex. Success is determined over the full term of co-ownership and depends on securing the right professional support. Most real estate agents lack the specialization, skill set, and expertise required.

CoBuy-certified™ Real Estate Agents are hand-selected and complete specialized training. They form an important part of your full-service CoBuy Team.

2. We stay in business without charging CoBuyers.

That's right. There's no added cost to use CoBuy versus winging it. CoBuy gets paid at closing by the buyers' agent, whose commission is included in the price of the home. 

This revenue model helps us keep the lights on while we work to make co-ownership simpler, safer, and more affordable.

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